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tv   News  ABC  April 9, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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opening day in baltimore. the orioles open up their summer home at 3:05. we're live at the park getting ready for first pitch. you better call ahead and make plans to meet your friends at the numbers, just don't do it behind the wheel of a car. no more calls from the drivers seat. you are so very welcome. we'll save you a few bucks this weekend. we're live at the timonium fairgrounds this weekend telling you how you'll save money. happy friday. it's friday! it's opening day. the weather's going to be okay for us. let's get out and enjoy this
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weekend. >> you hear that rain last night? >> yeah, thunder. >> something! >> thunder always happens when it rains. good morning to you, we have ourselves a reality check this morning. we have temperatures pulling back closer to normal after reaching 84 yesterday. our target two-degree guarantee. typically 62. it may struggle to get back there. breeze, early showers and clearing. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. rain and north of towson, 83 stretch. bel air, little wet weather. annapolis, heavy rain towards ocean city. we have showers this morning. we may turn partly cloudy and then mostly cloudy again as we file in that cold air. up to near 60 at least downtown for first pitch at 3:05 this afternoon. 5:31, back to the roads and kim brown. >> players only love you when they're playing. >> not looking too bad on your
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friday commute. we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane, key avenue. mlk and fayette street, it's quiet through baltimore. no problems on the major roadways this morning. megan and jamie, back to you. >> thank you, stevie brown. after 12 straight losing seasons, this time we're seeing the young seeds starting to blossom. >> it's the home-opener, of course, to the orioles. linda sow, live at the park. can you get a ticket today? >> um, no, you're out of luck. the game is actually sold out, but we're here. um... outside the gate, those gates are going to open at noon. this is monica barlow with the orioles. >> we'll open the entire ballpark at noon. we encourage everybody to come early, enjoy the day. watch batting practice, have live music, it'll be a great atmosphere. ceremonies will be started at 2:30. we encourage everybody to be in their seats by that point.
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brooks robinson will throw out the first pitches today. >> i know today's opening day, you guys have been working all season, during the off season to get this park um, lots of improvements here. >> we have, right behind us are the retired numbers. they've been refurbished. they look nicer and more spruced up. inside the park, all the seats have been replaced. also fans will notice the designation of the rows have changed from letters to numbers, to make it easier to know how far you from the field. >> you've been catering to the kids. there's something new for kids as well? >> we have a new magazine out called orioles kids. especially for the younger set of fans. puzzles, games, q&a's with players and it's only $3. >> megan and jamie want to know, can they get tickets? >> we're sold out. we do sell a little bit of
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standing room, you may have a chance there, but as far as the seats, we're pretty much sold out at this point. >> reporter: you'll have to tell me the secret on getting the standing room. >> we'll talk. >> okay, guys, she's going to let me in on that secret. i'll let you know when i get back to the station, okay? >> you're getting all the good information. gluten-free beer, tickets, you name it. we could learn more today on a proposed ban about using cell phones while you're driving. it could win approval in a general assembly session on monday. a violator would have to be breaking another law for a police officer to make a traffic stop, however there is an exception while using a cell phone while stopping at a red light. >> we'll know more tomorrow, but that uh, a bill that it looks as
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if there's a decent chance that the legislature will pass for the first time ever, having dealt with it for almost ten years now, uh, a law to um, require uh, cell phones to be hands free. >> we'll keep you posted on what happens with all of this. all right, who doesn't like to save money? when it comes to our kids, that money goes faster than ever. abc2's working for you to stretch your dollars. this weekend you can. all you have to do is head to the timonium fairgrounds. look who's there already. sherrie johnson. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, in these tough economic times, many people are trying to find ways to save a buck. let me tell you, we have a way for you here. today at the timonium fairgrounds, they have the top swap confinement sale. that kicks off at 9:00 this morning here at the 4h building.
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they have everything for the babies, kids, teenagers, strollers, games, clothes, all kinds of things for folks looking for a good deal. these are gently-used items. right now i have robin rutland here. she's here to talk to us a little bit. good morning, nice to see you again. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell me, we're here at timonium fairgrounds today, but where are other locations where you have these sales? >> we have a sale coming up at the end of april, 21st-25th. there's still time for people to consign their items. there's opportunities for shoppers as well . >> reporter: if people are interested in this, where can they get more information? >> >> reporter: wonderful. i have to tell you, these things are packed with people. >> reporter: oh yes, we have lines. it'll start lining up around 8:30 to get in the door and people will run in the door and look for the items they're in need of. >> reporter: thank you so much,
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robin. we appreciate you being out here to talk to us. robin will be out here until 7:00 this morning talking with us more. if you're interested, the event kicks off today at 9:00 a.m. runs until 5:00 p.m. today. also on saturday from 9:00 to 5:00 and on sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. reporting live in timonium, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> we have the orioles at 3:00, stick around for the masters today at 4:00. most people who know golf said tiger had a not so bad day in augusta yesterday. last night we were pushing 59 mile-per-hour winds near reagan national airport. we'll have an update on how that may impact your traffic this morning. 53. winds northwest at 13 miles per hour. leftover rain, stay tuned for more traffic and maryland's most powerful doppler radar when we come back.
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good morning, 5:40. how about the rain that blew
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through last night. warnings were posted to the counties southwest of baltimore. we have ourselves most of the rain pushing east of the region. we've got wet roads because of the rain and we still have rain across the bay bridge and on towards the eastern shore. temperature down to 53 in baltimore, 52 in easton. we're going to stay above freezing, we start low 50s. still sprinkles or a shower this morning. skies try to clear briefly. clouds will try to build back this afternoon. we go for 60 downtown baltimore. here's kim with traffic. >> thanks, justin. the wet roads not impacting the commute so far which is a really good thing. friday morning off to an unusually quiet start on the roadways. as we take a peek at our drive times, all in the green. southbound on 83 from shawan towards the beltway. only 5 minutes on the top side
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to the jfx. jfx down to northern parkway, only four minutes. disabled tractor-trailer 95 northbound past keith avenue. that just got cleared. we don't have any traffic events that will hinder you this morning. we have your news, weather and traffic update when good morning maryland comes back after this.
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look at this. this is a 1970 scorecard. >> how much for the ticket? >> $4 for a box seat. beer was 45 cents and a hot dog was 40 cents back then. there was an advertisement for a gremlin car. >> oh man, it brings back memories. we watched the orioles the last three nights and we have talent. who doesn't want to go out today and cheer for brian roberts who told the skipper, "i'm playing," even with a barking back. who doesn't want to cheer for miguel tejada? how about brian mattis last night? he's a gamer. mike gonzalez closed out the game to wipe the smiles off the rays faces. who doesn't want to cheer for
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that? we'll cheer for our heroes of the past. put your hands together. it's going to be a great afternoon at the park. and stay with abc2 news all day long for coverage leading up to the game. we'll have the information on our website. gates open at noon time today for the home opener and also, send us in your pictures of today and your kids and orioles gear. all you have to do is send it into the newsroom at >> on the tee, tiger woods [cheering and applause] >> tiger debuted at the masters. woods shot 4 under par, 68. his best first round ever at the masters. he had almost a hole in one on the 12th. not only was tiger pleased with his performance, fans were as well. >> i think he's an incredible
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athlete. i'm happy that he's here playing. >> hit the ball well and missed some putts. didn't putt very good today. >> tiger finished at 4 under, shooting 68. former house speaker newt gingrich is calling barack obama the most radical president in history. he says his fellow republicans must work together to stop what he calls obama secular socialist machine. gingrich made his comments at the southern public leadership conference. today's headliner is former vice presidential candidate sarah palin. just because the census came and gone doesn't mean you don't have to fill out the form. you still have to. there was a huge push to get the importance out of filling out the census. you have to be counted. april 1st was the informal deadline to mail back your form
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to the government. maryland congressman elijah cummings says the latest numbers are pretty troubling. >> only 56%, at last count, of baltimore city households have mailed the form back. the government says it would also save $1.5 billion money they wouldn't have to spend on door-to-door census takers. 5:48. temperature 53 degrees right now. look at the 30s starting to show up back on the maps. you thought that was done, right? especially after we hit two 90-degree days this week. now we're looking at a cold front that's bringing back real april weather. pushing towards the coast. have ourselves hefty rains, mainly confined to the beaches right now. starting to break up cambridge and easton. overall it's about the cooler air that will continue to work
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its way in. still showers showing up in michigan this morning. we watched the cold air as it filters its way behind the frontal boundary. will build showers into upstate new york and northern pennsylvania tonight and tomorrow. i mention that because there's a sign of really cold air to our north. it will modify by the time it reaches us. it brings us back to near normal levels through this afternoon. we are looking for mainly a break in the cloud line. we will see sun late morning, early afternoon, the problem is, this cold air that comes across the great lakes, while it does warm up a little bit and we lose the chance of flakage, we look at the chance of clouds this weekend. there's a chance of having skies turn from partly to mostly cloudy at times with a gusty breeze downtown. we'll try to keep this next weather system to our north. could sneak clouds in lake in the day on sunday. today, 60 degrees. our downtown two-degree guarantee. most of us in the 50s.
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upper 20s overnight. here's kim brown with traffic. >> the roadways looking pretty good around our area. no problems around 695 this morning if traveling the 95 corridor. keep in mind, we have an incident blocking the right lane. southbound 95 on the tidings bridge. traffic is slow past that scene. manage to get by to the left with no problems. as we take a peek at our drive times this morning, all in the green. northern parkway to the maryland avenue exit, about five minutes. 95 southbound looking clear between the beltway and 895 split. further south down from the split. down towards the fort mchenry toll plaza. traffic beginning to build a little bit. it's going to take you five minutes to do that as well. stay with us, we have more of good morning maryland after this.
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a look at some of the top stories we're following this morning. police are looking for any leads in who shot and killed a vietnam veteran last night. charles bowman stopped for carryout when two men came in and when bowman turned around, he was shot. the two men got away with $13.
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give police a call if you know anything. former survivor producer bruce redman whose wife was found dead in cancun by police was released, but cannot leave the country. he's still under investigation in the death of his wife monica. he was detained as a suspect yesterday after police found his wife's body in a sewer at cancun's swanky moon palace resort where the family was on vacation. as nitrogen gas flushes toxic gas from the mine, teams in west virginia have resumed a hunt for four miners missing after monday's explosion. the hope is they might still be alive in a safe chamber, but most agree it doesn't look good. experts are calling this the worst allergy season they've
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seen in years. one allergy specialist says it's wicked bad. she's overwhelmed with patients. problems extend from florida to texas to colorado to the southeast where oak trees are the culprit. wicked bad. dash cam video on police cruisers catch illegal acts all the time. don't try turning the cameras on law enforcement. >> get off the motorcycle, state police. well this man got a lot more than a speeding ticket when he decided to capture his daring ride on tape. plus: if the bus driver tells you to sit down, you better do it. what happened to one man riding public transportation. life is back at camden yards today. first pitch 3:05. temperatures back to near 60 degrees. rain gets out of here early. this weekend, fantastic. baseball weather.
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saturday afternoon, near 72 on sunday. let's check the roads right now with kim. >> traffic off to a really good start here on the west side. you'll see building volume, but traffic just traveling slightly below normal speeds at liberty road. one incident working southbound lanes of the tidings bridge. way up there on the northeast corner. we'll check your drive time and the rest of the baltimore metro area when good morning maryland comes back at 6:00.
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what's your hang-up? no more gabbing while driving. you're busy and the state says we're all busy on the roads. >> tape one, rolling, all right, that's a wrap. see what you get when someone's in a lot of trouble. wait until you hear why helmet cams are against the law. opening day in baltimore. first pitch at 3:05.
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what a great way to start the weekend. i'm getting a little history lesson from jamie. here's a program from 1970. from the orioles. >> here's my 70 yearbook. >> i'm wondering what jamie had for to eat, how much it cost. >> 40 cents. 1970 yearbook. how about that? there you go. justin, she's finding all the old restaurants. a lot of cigarette ads. >> my favorite was the advertisement for a show, it's in color. >> jack dawson in maryland. wanna see that? here it is. channel 2. there's the ad we had. we said, in color, every night,


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